4K Live Switching Video done

We did a live shoot in about 15min. Then we added the front opening graphics, some background music and spiced up the audio voice level. it should be easy and quick workflow but the real issue is always scripting and getting the talent and switcher not to make any mistakes.

Article One – the setup

4 month after inception, the studio build is almost done. The challenge and goal was always “REALTIME”.  “How much can a single  person do in terns of live and quick live air stream.

I will share small splices as I can write them.

“Master Console by Stage Access” setting allows a single user to reach out and control the ATEM surface if needed. Its good for bottom line but even at single person operation, all transitions and inserts should be done with a Macro on an iPad on Strata pro, so I plan to get there soon.

The control can be easily slid without ay effort and rewiring  for a multi-operator team setup in just about 1 minute.

Our workhorse is the ATEM Television Studio Pro 4K, we use 1 broadcast 4K at 2160p 60 out and a cinema 4K at 29.97 out and the GH5 via HDMI to SDI 4K box. All mics into X-AIR 18 into the ATEM Television Studio Pro 4K.  We also have the  ATEM Production Studio 4K which us 16 downstream compared to 2 on the Studio Pro 4K. Many things to share as I build a very unique studio for versatile use.